Value / Cost

What is the Value of Concierge Pediatric Care?

We can all agree that being a parent is the hardest and most important job in the world. You are responsible for your kid’s health and survival but also their development, nutrition, mental health, educational success, social development and everything else that will ensure that your child grows up to be healthy, happy and achieve their highest potential. 

As a parent you are the CEO of your child(ren)’s overall well-being. Every important CEO needs a team to support them. We do not know why parents have come to deserve less but it DOES NOT have to be that way. It SHOULD NOT be that way.

Pediatricians spend over 12 years studying pediatric health, development, nutrition, and so much more. Over the years of clinical practice, pediatricians perfect their studies by caring for thousands of children. Having the right pediatric team is the single MOST IMPORTANT asset for any child/family. Like any other person with a hard important job, you and your children DESERVE expert support and guidance.

So, why choose Elliston Pediatrics?

The Ultimate Convenience and Safety with At-Home Care:

Think about being a new mother still recovering from childbirth and having to get yourself and your child together to see the pediatrician. Or having a sick child and having to bundle them up just to sit in a waiting room full of other sick people to wait your turn for a 5 minute visit. Now imagine staying in your comfortable, safe and germ free home and having the doctor come to you! Assessing a child’s development is also much more appropriate when they feel comfortable and safe at home. This is a no brainer! 

Unlimited Access to Your Doctor:

Our families receive a HIPAA compliant app to text their doctor whenever they need. No more waiting until your next appointment to discuss your concerns and hoping you don’t forget, and no more having to be anxious or worried or resorting to Google when you have concerns. ALSO, you will have your doctor’s direct cell number to use in case of an emergency. 

More Time with Your Pediatrician:

One of the biggest complaints patients have about their doctors is that they feel rushed during their appointment. The health insurance system forces doctors to see as many patients as possible to make ends meet, it’s sadly a numbers game. Consider the costs required to take care of children in a pediatric office: rent, electricity, staff, malpractice insurance, billing, equipment, supplies, etc, etc. Now consider that the average insurance payment for a sick visit is $20-40. You can do the math, but it has the side effect of shorter, rushed, dismissive and sometimes careless appointments. Our well-visits are AN HOUR long and our sick visits are a minimum of 30 mins. 100% of the assessments, treatments, education and follow up are done by a board certified pediatrician.

Take Your Doctor Anywhere You Go!

We offer THE best telemedicine available. Illnesses come no matter where you are, whether you are at the beach an hour from the city or across the world in Australia. TytoCare offers high-quality digital sounds of the heart and lungs, high-quality digital images and video of the ears, throat, and skin, and measures heart rate and body temperature. Using this examination data, your Elliston Pediatrics doctor can provide you with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed. 

Our families can access quality care they can trust with their own pediatrician who knows their child and their medical history best, no compromises, no inconvenience, and no inefficiencies from anywhere in the world!

Meet with your doctor at YOUR convenience!

Synchronous care:

Real-time visits with patients and clinicians connected via video call, with the clinician able to control the TytoCare device and see results live.


Asynchronous care:

Patient records exams recommended by your doctor with the TytoCare device, and sends those to the clinician for review. This allows more flexibility and faster response time. Do a quick and easy exam when your child is sleeping and is more compliant, or simply when your or their schedule allows.

Fewer Patients = Better Care:

The average pediatrician cares for 2000-4000 patients in their panel (that is PER doctor). Our doctors have a hard limit of 150 families which is a total average of 225 patients. Our doctors can not only remember your child’s name but they also know their FULL health history, favorite color, favorite class, any struggles they might have, which sport they love and even your pet’s name! These details MATTER when we aim to provide the best and most supportive care. 

We value the importance of a trusting doctor-patient relationship, enabling us to develop a team approach where the family is at the center of the healthcare process. Remember, you are the CEO of the MOST important job in the world!

Patient Advocacy and Navigating Complex Healthcare System:

Whether your child needs Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, a Dermatologist, a Neurologist or you need help finding a loving, trustworthy and capable nanny or swim instructor in the Hamptons, our team has professional relationships with the best pediatric providers in New York City and beyond. 

Our team vets these providers so you don’t have to deal with trial and error, delays and frustration. We are able to help you navigate the complexity of the healthcare system, expedite visits and render necessary follow up so NOTHING slips through the cracks.

Expertly Trained Doctors:

All of our doctors are expertly trained, board certified pediatricians with decades of experience. We have built an amazing team of talented individuals and together we are more than the sum of our parts. 

We have bi-weekly team meetings and can get the team’s input for any patient’s case at any time when needed. Our doctors have the time and resources to stay abreast of the most up-to-date research, best practices and technology.  In medicine it is easy to get stuck in the hamster wheel of seeing so many patients that you don’t have the space to continue to improve your training but that is not the case for our team! 

While each family has their own primary care doctor to ensure best continuity of care, they also have ALL of our brains and experience working together to ensure that EVERY family is able to receive THE best level of pediatric care possible.

We also offer expertly trained registered nurses who work with the doctors to provide additional support, advocate for our patients for expedited specialist appointments, follow up on resources and ensure that we are providing unmatched pediatric care.

Affiliation with Top Hospitals:

The practice is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital (Northwell Health), Weill-Cornell / New York Presbyterian Hospital, as well as NYU Langone Health. That says it all!

Is Concierge Pediatric Medicine Right for you?

Transitioning to a concierge pediatrician may seem like an unnecessary “new trend” to some but the truth is that in the past, family doctors would make visits to patients in their homes. However, by the 1960’s office based health care became much more popular creating more convenience for doctors (and insurance carriers). By 1980, the number of home visits by doctors had plummeted to only 0.6%. This eventually led to the over-crowded practices and subpar care we are sadly accustomed to today, the numbers game!

The landscape of primary care medicine is shifting again as people value more personal time, greater access to their doctors and optimal care for themselves and their family. As a society, we are slowly learning to re-prioritize our health, especially the health of our children. Focusing on health maintenance and early diagnosis and treatments of physical, developmental and psychological concerns is the single most important determinant of a child’s future health and well-being. 

Health insurance does NOT cover this type of care, they cover minimal care and cover catastrophic health coverage. Those two extremes do not include what pediatric primary care is SUPPOSED to be. 

But, it does NOT mean they should get away with not providing their share of the cost. Elliston Pediatrics offers a hybrid payment model which includes an ALL-INCLUSIVE membership fee so you know what your out of pocket cost will be for our concierge offering – NO SURPRISES – and our billing team holds your insurance accountable to pay their part on an IN-NETWORK basis

This means that all of your visits will be submitted to your insurance in the same way as if you went to any other office based in-network practice but with us you get SOOOOOO much more in addition.

What is the Cost?

Another important difference between Elliston Pediatrics and other concierge practices is that our concierge fees are charged per family. Our doctors panels are limited to 150 families. We do not charge double the cost for a family of two versus a family of one. Our goal is to invest ourselves into creating meaningful relationships with each family and watching them grow and expand with the same doctor.

The dream of any pediatrician is to take care of all of your children from birth until adulthood. Pediatric care needs change over time: newborns have significantly more wellness visits, children ages 1-5 have a LARGE number of sick visits, school-age kids still have a lot of sick visits but they might also have behavioral, social and educational concerns as well as sports related injuries, teens and young adults need A LOT of support from their trusted medical provider to navigate the social, physical, hormonal and psychological changes they undergo. This developmental time is as important, if not MORE important, as the newborn stage because parents have less control and the child’s actions have more consequences.

Because the final cost is specific to each family’s needs and it is subject to change after this webpage is published, it is important to contact our office for a quote for your specific family but, for reference, the average NYC family pays less than $600 per month for all of our services including all of the children in their family and all visits.

Putting the Cost and Value in Perspective

While $600 might seem like a lot of money, think about this:

  • Given the attention and support we offer our families, most are able to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits or urgent care visits. Avoiding ER visits can save you: $1000-$3000 PER occurrence.
  • Cost of missing work when your child is sick: $$$
  • Cost of wasting your time in waiting rooms, contacting healthcare professionals that do not call you back or trying to get your insurance to pay you back for out of network services while worrying about your child’s health: $$$$$…..
  • The Average NYC Family Spends:
  • $200 – $650 per month for kids’ play gyms
  • $400 per month for dance classes
  • $300 per month for cable TV
  • $199 per month for ONE adult at Starbucks
  • $600+ per months for a dog walker

To enjoy all of this you first have to be healthy. Our health and the health of our children is truly priceless!