Why choose a pediatric concierge membership?

Parenting is an extraordinary journey, demanding unwavering dedication. From health and growth to education and happiness, you bear the responsibility for every facet of your child’s life.

Enter pediatricians. Dedicating over 12 years to education, pediatricians are masters in child health, development, and nutrition. Years of practice refine their expertise, providing quality care to countless children. Your child’s well-being hinges on your choice of pediatric team.

Yet, why should parents receive anything less than the best? You don’t have to. You shouldn’t. Your child deserves expert, personalized, and on-demand support and guidance.

About Our Membership

Welcome to a new standard of personalized care. With an Elliston Pediatrics membership, you’ll receive dedicated attention, unhurried appointments, and a genuine partnership for your child’s well-being. From preventive care to managing conditions, Elliston Pediatrics is your advocate, providing direct communication and tailored support. Experience healthcare reimagined, where your child’s health and needs are the priority.

What’s Included

Unlimited Access to Your Doctor

Our families receive a HIPAA-compliant app for convenient messaging with their doctor, ensuring timely discussions of concerns. As an added layer of reassurance, you will have direct access to your doctor’s personal cell number for use in case of emergencies. We understand the importance of timely and efficient communication, especially in urgent situations.

Care While Traveling or On-The-Go

Access trusted care from your own pediatrician anywhere, without hassle or compromise. Whether you’re at the beach, an hour away, or even across the globe, we’ve got you covered. Our state-of-the-art Telemedicine kit, TytoCare provides top-notch digital heart and lung sounds, high-quality images, and video for ears, throat, and skin, plus heart rate and temperature measurements. Your Elliston Pediatrics doctor uses this data to diagnose, plan treatment, and even provide prescriptions — giving you quality care whenever and wherever you need it.

Expedited Visits to Vetted Specialists

From Physical Therapy to Speech Therapy, Dermatology to Neurology, and even assistance in finding a reliable nanny or skilled swim instructor in the Hamptons – our network extends to the finest pediatric specialists in New York City and beyond. Our team thoroughly assesses these providers, sparing you the challenges of trial and error, unnecessary delays, and frustrations. We guide you through the intricacies of the healthcare system, accelerate appointments, and ensure all necessary follow-ups, leaving no room for oversight.

Hybrid Payment Model

Our annual membership fee encompasses all the services mentioned above. Unlike many other concierge medical companies, we accept insurance for medical services, and our dedicated billing team manages all the details.

At Home Visits on Your Schedule

Imagine being a new mother, in the process of recovery after childbirth, and having to get yourself and your child ready to visit the pediatrician. Alternatively, picture having a sick child and needing to bundle them up for a trip to a waiting room full of other sick individuals, just for a brief 5-minute consultation. Now, envision a different scenario: staying in the comfort of your own home, safe from germs, while the doctor comes to you. Assessing a child’s development is far more effective when they feel at ease and secure in their home environment. The choice is clear and compelling.

Quality Time with Your Pediatrician

Patients often express frustration over rushed doctor appointments, a result of the pressure imposed by the health insurance system to manage high patient volumes. Our well-visits last an hour, and sick visits are a minimum of 30 minutes. Moreover, all assessments, treatments, education, and follow-ups are directly managed by a board-certified pediatrician.

Select Number of Families for Personalized Care

While the average pediatrician manages a panel of 2000-4000 patients per doctor, our approach is distinct. Each of our doctors is limited to just 150 families. This unique approach ensures not only that your child’s name is remembered, but also their complete health history, preferences, struggles, favorite color, class, hobbies, and even your pet’s name. These personalized details are pivotal in offering the finest and most comprehensive care. We hold a deep belief in nurturing a trustworthy doctor-patient relationship, fostering a team dynamic where your family is at the heart of the healthcare journey.

Learn More About Our Membership Options!

Join our pediatric family and experience comprehensive care for every age and stage – because your child’s health knows no bounds

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an annual membership cost?

The final cost is specific to each family’s needs and it is subject to change. However, the daily cost of our memberships generally averages out to less than $20 on a per patient basis. Contact our office for a quote for your specific family.

How many children are included in a membership?

We have a variety of membership packages that accommodate small and larger families. Our aim is to foster meaningful, continuous relationships with every family, witnessing their growth and evolution under the care of the same pediatric team.

Does my insurance cover the membership fee?

No, the yearly fee covers the non-medical services listed above, which are not covered by your insurance plan. Many families are able to use their employer provided FSA/HSA benefits to cover the fee. However, we do bill insurance on an in-network basis for all of the medical care they are responsible to pay for.

Can grandparents, loved ones or employers gift a membership to my children?

Yes! There is no better gift than the gift than the peace of mind 24/7 access to reach the pediatrician can offer not to mention having a doctor that comes to you. Our membership makes a wonderful  gift or employer benefit.

What ages do you care for?

We take care of children from birth through 21 years old. In fact many of our parents pre-register well before their first child is born to take advantage of our free prenatal support.

Is there anything that an office based pediatrician can offer that can not be done at home? 

Absolutely not and we offer many additional benefits that are not available in most office settings

Do you limit the amount of memberships you can offer?

Yes. In order to provide personalized care to each family we must limit the number of new patients. Once the practice reaches capacity, interested families will be placed on a wait-list and notified when a spot becomes available.

Will my child(ren) be seen by the same pediatrician for every visit?

Yes, we try to keep the primary care pediatrician consistent for continuity of care, however there may be times for urgent visits when they will be seen by a different provider to facilitate an even faster response time. All of our clinical staff have access to the medical record and know every child in the practice. No single person can ever know and do it all, and our dedicated team approach ensures that your family can always have the very best and fastest care.

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